Welcome to RobertaRose ARTS

I am an “Interdisciplinary Artist” working within the medium of photography. My designs start from one photo; from the image I build around the perimeters creating reflective patterns and mosaics. The final piece is my visual interpretation of the place I photographed, original and unique to its location.

My inspiration is the city, communities and the landscape of the Pacific NW. Richly engulfed in one of the most beautiful and picturesque places in all of the US (or one could argue the world). I love its rugged and raw nature, lush with green and depth of blue, it represents life in a region that is fresh and sustainable.

As a photographer my focus is on a small part of the big picture. By doing so I look for specific details within, rather than attempting to capture all of what is seen. I believe we can get lost within the vastness, therefore my images reflect back to a part we can remember.

I call my reflective designs pieces “Totems” or, places we remember. They can inspire, bring a new perspective and tell a story. Hopefully they call us back to explore, imagine and revisit.

Roberta Rose